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I don’t typically write personal pieces, but I guess Thanksgiving is an exception.

At first, it seemed silly to write about what I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. And it’s because I’m not just thankful today — I should (and I try to be) thankful every day. But Thanksgiving serves as an especially good day to reflect on this topic, so here we go.

There are many people without whom I would not be here, in an awesome city, surrounded by incredible people, and studying design so that I can do what I love for a living.

As I’m going through my final year of university, I’m thankful for:

My parents, who trusted me enough to send me abroad to study something so risky and volatile and gave up their dreams of having an engineer son.

Emily Pasternack, for being the best mentor in the world, for being there whenever I needed professional or emotional help. Thank you, and I am paying it forward.

Chad Hall, for being the best TA ever. For turning Design 166 from an agonizing-weed-out-hell into the most fun class I’ve ever taken and for solidifying my love for design.

Kristine Matthews, for being kind and taking a chance on me. I would not be here, studying what I love, without her generosity.

Others, whose names are too many to list. Through all the good and bad bits, we’ve had lots of fun and learned a lot from each other. But the journey isn’t over, and I’m hoping it stays this way til the end.

Now, the ending. As it turns out, writing such a personal piece has been difficult, and finding a fitting conclusion is even more so. So, I’m not going to find my own words. I’m going to borrow John Gruber’s:

The truth is, I’m the luckiest person in the world today. I hope you are too.