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Westworld is Beautiful

And every frame is a painting.

If you have not seen *Westworld*, you need to see it. The show is incredibly timely. It deals with topics like artificial intelligence and consciousness. It also has great writing and it’s full intricately crafted mysteries. The harder you look at the show, the better it gets. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. When watching the show and scrutinizing every line dialogue to decipher what is happening, it’s easy to forget how beautiful the show is. It’s clear that Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, and their team sweat over every shot, and the resulting product is gorgeous. But hey, show don’t tell. So here you go: a masterfully edited video by Alejandro Brun, set to the show’s cover of *Runaway*. Enjoy it fullscreen, with the audio on. {% include vimeoPlayer.html id=278340319 %}