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WeRobot 2015

WeR­o­bot is an annual con­fer­ence dis­cussing the lat­est advance­ments in robot­ics, as well as robot­ics law and pol­i­cy. This year, it is hosted by the Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton School of Law.

Stud­ies show that humans hes­i­tate to smash robot bugs with names and backstories.

Ryan Calo of UW Law and the Tech Pol­icy Lab asks a question.

The sea of robot experts.

Howard Chizeck talks about the legal impli­ca­tions of using telep­res­ence robots for surgery.

“We need lawyers and other experts in the room when dis­cussing issues regarding robots.”

Con­trol­ling a robot claw to replace a $30,000 cable.

Using both an Ocu­lus and a Phantom controller.

This guy started the R2D2 selfie trend.

Tony Dyson, cre­ator of R2D2, talks to a life-­sized R2-D2 replica.

Tony Dyson meets the man who spent 6 years on the R2D2 replica.

UW CSE’s PR2 robot in action.