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WeRobot 2015

WeRobot is an annual conference discussing the latest advancements in robotics, as well as robotics law and policy. This year, it is hosted by the University of Washington School of Law.

Studies show that humans hesitate to smash robot bugs with names and backstories.

Ryan Calo of UW Law and the Tech Policy Lab asks a question.

The sea of robot experts.

Howard Chizeck talks about the legal implications of using telepresence robots for surgery.

“We need lawyers and other experts in the room when discussing issues regarding robots.”

Controlling a robot claw to replace a $30,000 cable.

Using both an Oculus and a Phantom controller.

This guy started the R2D2 selfie trend.

Tony Dyson, creator of R2D2, talks to a life-sized R2-D2 replica.

Tony Dyson meets the man who spent 6 years on the R2D2 replica.

UW CSE’s PR2 robot in action.